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How to Create Instagram Reels That Grab Attention

How to Create Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short, entertaining videos that can really grab attention if done right. With Reels being less than 60 seconds long, every second counts when trying to engage viewers.

The key is creating Reels with high quality, captivating visuals, smooth editing, and engaging audio. Choosing the right music, effects, and captions will also make your Reels stand out.

Follow this guide to learn how to create eye-catching Reels on Instagram step-by-step, along with tips to make your Reels grab attention.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Reels on Instagram

Here is a simple walkthrough to start making Instagram Reels:

1. Access the Instagram Camera

Open the Instagram app and swipe right from your feed to open the camera. You can also tap the + icon in the top left.

2. Toggle to Reels Mode

At the bottom of the camera screen, tap Reels to switch into Reels mode. This gives you access to Reels creative tools.

3. Record Clips

Tap and hold the capture button to record a video clip up to 60 seconds long. You can record multiple clips to edit together.

4. Add Music

Browse Instagram's audio gallery or use your own original sound by tapping the music icon. Trim the clip length as needed.

5. Apply Effects

Enhance your Reel with AR effects, filters, timers, counters and more using the creative tools.

6. Adjust Speed

Customize playback speed to create dramatic fast or slow motion effects that captivate viewers.

7. Set a Cover

Choose an eye-catching first frame from your clips for the cover by tapping the cover icon.

8. Add Text

Overlay engaging text captions, subtitles or commentary using the text tool. Get creative with fonts.

9. Rearrange and Trim Clips

Edit and reorder clips as desired by dragging and dropping along the timeline. Trim them as needed.

10. Preview and Share

Watch a preview of your finished Reel before posting it publicly or sending privately.

With these steps, anyone can start creating fun and polished Reels! Experiment to develop your own style.

The 10 Best Practices for Instagram Reels

Now that you know how to make Reels, here are some top tips for making reels that captivate audiences:

Film Vertical Videos

Instagram Reels are designed for mobile, so film clips vertically in portrait orientation. Use a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Use Good Lighting

Proper lighting improves video quality. Film during daytime or use artificial lighting to brighten shots.

Invest in a Tripod

Use a tripod or stabilizer so footage stays smooth and professional.

Pick an Intriguing Audio Track

The right background music or sound quickly grabs attention.

Showcase Visual Effects

Leverage Instagram's AR effects, filters and editing tools to enhance your Reels visually.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Include a mix of popular and niche hashtags so your audience can find your Reels.

Encourage Audience Interaction

Spark engagement by asking questions, running polls and requesting user submissions.

Collaborate with Others

Team up with aligned creators for cross-promotion and broader reach.

Post at Optimal Times

Analyze when your followers are most active online and schedule posts accordingly.

Analyze Performance

Check Reels Insights to identify your best content. Repost top Reels to maintain momentum.

Craft Captivating Reel Content

Here are more tips for creating compelling Reels content:

Film Dynamic Shots

Incorporate movement by turning the camera and shooting from different angles and distances.

Use Stylized Editing

Use quick cuts, transitions and other effects so clips flow together in an engaging sequence.

Showcase Your Skills

Display your talents, hobbies or products in action to grab interest.

Use Eye-Catching Text

Blend in animated text like subtitles, captions, and lyrics.

Feature People and Characters

Human and animal faces naturally capture attention. Show emotion.

Tell a Complete Story

Have a clear beginning, middle, and end to your narrative. Leave viewers wanting more.

Craft Captions that Complement Your Reel

Writing snappy, compelling captions completes your Reel. Use captions to:

  • Ask questions to spark discussion

  • Share engaging stats and facts

  • Give clear calls-to-action

  • Strategically use hashtags and tags

  • Add funny or quirky commentary

  • Continue your story from the video

  • Use emojis and personality

Keep captions short and sweet to entice viewers to engage further.

Consistently Create Reels to Build Your Presence

Post Reels consistently, analyzing performance to refine your approach. Interact with other Reels to boost reach. Your top-notch Reels will entertain audiences and elevate your Instagram profile.

Creating Instagram Reels that grab attention takes skill and strategy. Follow this guide to craft visually captivating Reels using Instagram's creative tools. Use best practices for filming, editing, captions, and more. Be persistent and have fun! Your high-quality Reels can help you connect with growing audiences on Instagram.


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