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MacroHype Boosts Perimtec to #2 with 2000% Organic Growth

Client Profile + Objective

Perimtec is a company offering privacy fence system services. Their objective was to significantly grow their organic search traffic and become a top player in the fence products market.

Client Problem/Challenges

Prior to working with MacroHype, Perimtec was not ranking well organically for relevant keywords and was trailing behind competitors in terms of organic search visibility and traffic. They were looking to scale their organic presence and overtake key competitors rapidly.

Solution/Our Strategy

MacroHype implemented an aggressive SEO strategy for Perimtec focused on:

  • Identifying and targeting a comprehensive set of 14.9K relevant organic keywords to cover the full breadth of the fence products space

  • On-page optimization of the Perimtec website to rank for the target keywords

  • High-quality link-building to improve Domain Authority and rankings

  • Ongoing monitoring of rankings and organic traffic relative to top competitors

  • Targeted PPC ads to drive qualified traffic and conversions while organic rankings improved

  • Guest posting on relevant blogs and publications to build brand awareness, referral traffic, and backlinks

The strategy was centered on achieving substantial organic traffic growth to propel Perimtec ahead of competitors in a short timeframe.


In less than 2 years, the organic search strategy executed by MacroHype delivered:

  • A 2000%+ increase in organic traffic, reaching nearly 60K monthly organic visits 

  • Leading position in the fence products market, second only to

  • 26% overall organic competition level, putting Perimtec ahead of major competitors.

  • Top 5 rankings for 7.9K out of the 14.9K target keywords

By laser-targeting the right keywords, optimizing the website, and building Perimtec's authority, MacroHype was able to dramatically scale organic traffic and establish Perimtec as the 2nd largest organic traffic leader in the privacy fence products market. The 2000% organic growth far outpaced competitors in under 2 years.


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